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The Story of DIANA Bride

The bridal fashion brand started its journey two generations back. A small family business, was working responsibly to become the DIANA Bride brand, which has been chosen by thousands of brides.
Today, DIANA Bride means more than just a wedding dresses.  Over the years and generations, improve passion of wedding fashion. We create a team that is a standard of quality and constant pursuit of perfection  
A multi-generational approach converges in the collections of DIANA Bride. They are  combination of simple style, modern form and lovely laces design. Our dresses are a result of love, passion and full of care for the smallest details. Diana Bride’s  project are inspired by word trends, future and course of life.

We make the bride’s dreams come true 

„Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect '”
– A.Kyle

We attach great importance to design, the latest trends and high quality. We participate in the biggest fashion events of the wedding industry. Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Si Sposaitalia in Milan and other most prestigious fashion capitals. The fashion house DIANA Bride DIANA were created to fulfill dreams and comprehensively take care of the bride. We have created a space that will respond to all its needs.

 If you are looking for the DIANA brand in your city, write to us.

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